STS RSI MTF Indicator


Our STS RSI Multi Time Frame Indicator for Meta Trader 4 will facilitate your trading when using strategies which are based on RSI indicator.

The STS RSI MTF Indicator for Meta Trader 4 shows overbought and oversold conditions of the RSI. It follows and displays the RSI values on all timeframes from M1 to MN1 in the lower left corner of your chart.

The RSI options are completely adjustable. You can choose different periods for the RSI. Multiple variants for the RSI applied price can be chosen (e.g. close price, open price, high, low, etc.). Different values can be set for the Up and Down levels of the RSI.

For example, if you set the STS RSI MTF indicator with Up level 70 and Down level 30, it will show in green all values below 30 (oversold), and in red all values above 70 (overbought).

STS RSI MTF Indicator