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We are a team of professional traders with more than 20 years of experience

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To Help Traders be More Profitable


We teach you how the markets work

Trading Strategies

We share simple and effective trading strategies for all market conditions

Expert Advisors

We create Smart Trading Bots that automate your trading


We build indicators for manual trading


We keep you up to date with all markets news


We've created calculators to manage your accounts and money

Market Testers

We create Market Testers to backtest your trading ideas and see how they work on historical data


We provide access to our professional analyses and trading ideas


We deliver real-time strategy signals in our Telegram group


We work with trusted and verified financial brokers


We are available for personal online trainings

Trading Tools

Smart Trading

Developed by traders for traders

Expert Advisors
Trading Bots

Automate your trading

Meta Trader

Trade manually with the indicators that we've created

Market Testers

Backtest your trading ideas

Margin Calculator

Calculate the required margin

Position Size Calculator

Calculate your position size depending on the stop loss

Risk/Reward Ratio Calculator

Manage your account with our Risk and Money Management calculator

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a computer-code system that is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. It is a semi-automatic trading bot that seeks for the right conditions and makes a deal ...

You simply analyze the market and choose the strategy that you want the EA to trade. Once loaded, the bot waits for the conditions to be met and makes the deal, saving you lots of screen-time hours.

They will help you be more efficient in your trading and will make the charts easier to follow. 

Our testers give you the opportunity to test our strategies or design one on your own. Each tester has dynamic logic and lots of functionalities to allow you to backtest any given strategy, in ...

The Smart Trading Software Signals are real-time messages about specific conditions and strategies that our Еxpert Аdvisors follow.

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