STS MA Breakout Bot


Our STS MA Breakout Expert Advisor for Meta Trade 4 will automate your trading strategies which are based on breakout of pre-selected Moving Averages.

STS_MA_Breakout_Bot is developed to automate strategies based on Breakout of a Moving Average. It can be used for trading in the Forex market, Crypto market, Indices & Shares market and more.

The Trading Robot is suitable for playing trend-following strategies, opening long positions above a pre-selected Moving Average and closing them when touching the same MA, from above down. It opens short positions below a pre-selected Moving Average and closes them when the price touches the same MA, from below up.

Its advantage is that it catches the optimal movement of the trend, with a very small Stop and a good Risk/Reward Ratio. This Expert Advisor is opposite to STS_MA_Distance_Bot, which is suitable for Markets in Range.